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Title:The Time of Psyche
Format:Feature Film
Keywords:Crow Butterfly(Euploea)、 Serial Killer、Time Loop
Logline:After an accident, a butterfly researcher acquires an ability to time-loop to save her dying daughter

               by finding the extinct butterfly . However, she must be faster than the serial killer she created.

Zi-Ye, a lepidopterist(butterfly researcher) missed the last chance to see her daughter, who was suffering from a serious illness. After her daughter passed away,Zi-Ye devotes herself to the research of a magnetic field installation - Psyche, as well as the Euploea, an extinct butterfly species. During an experiment, Zi-Ye unexpectedly acquires the ability to transmit her memories back to the past.


Zi-Ye survives a deadly experiment. She starts trying to rescue her daughter despite the limited chances. But no matter how hard she tries, Zi-Ye is never able to travel back to the exact point in time before her daughter became ill. The only way to break through such a limit is to find the extinct Euploea butterfly and restart the experiment. However, every decision comes at a cost, deeply affecting the future and the ecological system, as well as releasing a serial killer also named Psyche.


A bloody hunt dominates the world’s future. The space-time that the victims and the purple butterflies construct together, becomes the key to rescue their loved ones.

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