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片名:《 OVERTURE 1314 》









Title:OVERTURE 1314
Keywords:Bridal stylist、Wedding、Urban Romance
Logline:Having once been hurt badly in a relationship and becoming frightened of getting married, how will a top bridal stylist  rediscover the true meaning of marriage while assisting six couples at their weddings?

Behind every beautiful bride is a bridal stylist carefully looking after the bride. 

32-year-old Juo-chi is the top bridal hair and makeup artist at 1314 Wedding Planning Company. Her sense of achievement comes from how she makes the bride look ever more beautiful and attractive. Nonetheless, after having been hurt badly in a relationship, she fears marriage. 

Now Ansen, a carefree photographer, walks into her world. They collaborate at the weddings and witness all sort of strange events. From a Japanese porn star who marries a Taiwanese video game agent; a fashion ecommerce platform CEO in love with a chef who pursues perfection; a teenage son of a gang boss marrying his pregnant teenage girlfriend; a couple trapped in a fifteen-year sexless relationship; the elderly lovers who elope with each other fifty years after they met; to a dying singer with her faithful LPG deliveryman fiancé; every wedding is a unique event of its own.On the day the couple moves on to the next stage in their relationship, every aspect of their lives clashes against each other. 

While Juochi and Ansen accompany the couples to search for the answers, they learn the true meaning of marriage, love and happiness from their clients. On this journey, Juochi’s broken heart slowly heals while she matures and gains new perspectives of life. A burgeoning romance is growing until the milliondollar question comes back to her again. 

“Are you really willing to spend the rest of your life with him?”

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