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Title:The Other Class
Format:Feature Film
Keywords:True story、School sexual assault、Gifted education
Logline:Because of the suicide of her best friend, a high school girl was able to enter the gifted class she dreamt.

               However, the secret morbid game played by the teachers and the students were more terrible than the highly

               competitive schoolwork pressure.

The film is based on a true story.

Huei-Jie jumped off the top floor of the school and ended her own life. This gave her best friend, Yi-An a chance to enter into the gifted class. Yi-An had always worked hard but struggled to get good grades in this class until she found a “private class”.

With the help of the class leader Shiue-Min, Yi-An joined the group of “private class” successfully. However, she found that it is much more dangerous than she ever expected. While the sex videos which Huei-Jie was filmed were leaked, Yi-An found that the real reason for Huei-Jie’s suicide was not purely due to schoolwork stress. There was a big secret kept in “private class”. Even worse, Huei-Jie was not the only victim. Yi-An decided to investigate and uncover the truth. The clutches got her first, however. She became the “after-class game” of gifted class and was bullied by all the students and teachers at the school as well. In order to not turn into the next victim, Yi-An forced herself to endure, to grow up, to become a “hunter”, and kill the “wolves” hidden in the school.

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