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催眠師曾荷櫻的長女思婷, 當街遭人綁架!三年下來,遲遲未能偵破。







Title:The Bloodfolded

Format:Feature Film

Keywords:Deep Image Reconstruction brain technology、Temple culture、Crime Investigation
Logline:When a hypnotist tries to save her missing daughter by sneaking into hell using a forbidden

                dark-art practice, she unwittingly reveals a terrifying secret!

Three years ago, Si-Ting, daughter of hypnotist Zeng He-Ying, was kidnapped in broad daylight.


In the present day, He-Ying is invited to appear on a live show where she uses hypnosis to help another guest relive a Taoist ritual that sent her soul to the netherworld. During the experiment, Si-Ting’s soul unexpectedly appears. He-Ying, who doesn't believe in ghosts, now nonetheless feels compelled to investigate further, leading her to a Taoist master who performs a Taoist ritual that shocks everyone by revealing that Si-Ting and a shadowy spirit are imprisoned on the "Devil’s Path," and also, unveils a connection to other cases of missing girls.


To save Si-Ting, He-Ying uses Deep Image Reconstruction brain technology with police and agrees to undergo a forbidden dark-art practice splitting her soul into three parts, allowing her soul to sneak into hell for investigation. But the shadowy spirit unexpectedly takes advantage of He-Ying's condition and hijacks her soul, gradually assimilating He-Ying’s subconscious mind.


He-Ying scrambles to save her daughter while fending off the spirit. When the identity of the murderer finally becomes clear to He-Ying, a nightmare that she buried long ago re-emerges, and in the final showdown, she must face the consequences of her motherly love.

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