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Title:Farewell Train
Format:Feature Film
Keywords:Final wIsh、Resurrection、Afterlife
Logline:An actor dies unexpectedly. He's given a limited chance to return to life, but must become a child emissary of the grim

               reaper, and subsequently learns the secret of life.


“Do you have a final wish?”

The actor Jia-yan dies unexpectedly.  In the afterworld he takes a train to the judgement hall.  Fortunately, he gets a reprieve, and the chance to return to the world for 12 hours.  The only condition is he must not reveal his identity. 


Jia-yan had no last wishes before he died, nor any nostalgic feelings for his life, left abandoned by his mother at a young age.   By circumstance, he exchanges appearances with young boy returning to the world at the same time.  In order to help the anxious Mei-nan fulfill his last wishes, he offers to assist in his final farewell to his parents, but in the process they break the rules by exposing their identities.  Their punishment is to join the emissary Ning Ning to escort people to the next world.  Seeing people off again and again, they witness the breadth of humanity, it’s coldness, warmth and transience — and experience first hand life’s meaning.  Through this bond with Ningning, and her caring for an elder, they come to realize a mystery related to their own past, which is connected to a “truly final farewell”.

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